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Microbiological tests
BioEreuna carries out all the laboratory tests that can be requested from the patient, both for diagnostic and preventive purposes.

The microbiological laboratory performs the full spectrum of microbiological tests, including hematological, biochemical, hormonal, immunological, and neoplastic tests, in addition to cooperating with laboratories in Athens and abroad (Europe and the United States) for a vast array of molecular tests.

Instructions for Microbiological Test Preparation
  • We abstain from oily foods (sheep, goat, and pork,milk, eggs, almonds, chocolate, and oil) 48 hours prior to the exam.
  • 12 hours prior to consuming a modest meal (fruit, salad, or yogurt, 1.5%)
  • In the morning of the same day, only water may be consumed.

Regarding urinating

  • Evening thorough cleansing of the area prior to retiring to bed.
  • We collect the first morning urine (the first after 12 a.m.), the intermediate urine, and the last evening urine.