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Who We Are
To date, we offer our services with a focus on health promotion and disease prevention!

The Bioereunas microbiological laboratory was founded in 2004, with its headquarters located in Patras at 110 Agiou Nikolaou and Aleksandrou Ypsilandou. A second laboratory was built in Brachneika Patras in 2008. It continues to provide services with an emphasis on prevention, health improvement, and the maintenance of the quality of life for individuals.

In 2023, in addition to microbiological testing, our team expanded into newly trained areas of action in order to provide superior services. These new areas include health coaching and autological mesotherapy, which are increasingly incorporated into our lives as optimal solutions for a variety of health issues.

Multiple diseases are effectively treated through both prevention and early diagnosis.

The results of microbiological blood tests indicate the overall wellness of the body. Therefore, accurate analysis is a crucial necessary step in treating any health issue.

BioEreuna’s microbiological laboratory is administered by highly qualified and trained scientists. They are all distinguished by their extensive field experience and ongoing training.